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Buma Service has a long-standing experience so thanks to it the company can guarantee high level of services it provides.
The Company specializes in adjusting management models and scope of services to actual needs of a client, and due to the application of modern IT tools, it constantly maintains high quality of its services.

Buma Service – "Excellent" in management as per BREEAM In-Use scores.

Buma Service, a subsidiary of the Buma Group, which provides services in the field of comprehensive property management, has obtained "Very Good" and "Excellent" BREEAM In-Use certificates in the Building Management category. These certificates are granted to buildings that already exist. In March Buma Service won the "Very Good" certificate for managing building A in the Quattro Business Park development, located in Krakow at Gen. Bora-Komorowskiego Avenue. In June, the Company was granted the "Excellent" certificate for managing buildings A and B in the Green Office complex in Krakow, at Czerwone Maki Street. Both projects were subjected to an audit, performed by Grontmij, Poland. Buma Service stood out for its professionalism, efficient building management, environment-friendly activities, and developing relationships with tenants. Both scores confirm high quality of policy and procedures adopted by Buma Services as regards property management. Key tenants in both office developments include international corporations, involved in outsourcing of financial services and information technology: Capgemini Polska and Motorola Solutions.

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Buma Service is a Buma Group company, which provides comprehensive property management services.
Buma Service has a long-standing experience thanks to which it can guarantee a high level of services it provides.

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