Comprehensive property management services

We have many years' experience as property managers and thanks to it we can guarantee the highest levels of client services.

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success."
Henry Ford

Our mission

We are a Polish company, which combines its long-standing experience with the established knowledge of comprehensive administration of commercial and residential properties, technical management, asset management, leasing, project management, and of being a distribution system operator. Through our efforts we want to change the face of property market, and to make it easier to our clients to be well acquainted with building management spheres. We specialize in adjusting management models and scopes of services to actual needs of the client, and due to the application of modern IT tools, we constantly maintain high quality of services we deliver. We offer top-level services to our clients, as confirmed by the "Excellent" grade in management according to BREEAM In-Use scoring system.

What makes us different?

and Professionalism

We began our operation on the Polish market in 2003. Our long presence in business and broad knowledge of our experts permit us to continuously develop and to systematically improve the quality of our services.


We create efficient system solutions, which facilitate to our business partners and customers moving around within the property market.


Our job is also our passion. We work with involvement, enthusiasm and devotion. Passion is our inspiration, which motivates us to constant quests, discovering new opportunities and constant improving of our qualifications, thus assuring professional services to our clients.


Team working is the pillar of our Company. We share knowledge, and learn one from another. We promote mutual respect, and open exchange of views.

 Effective Management of Buildings

We optimise costs, draft budgets and care to make the quality of services proportionate to costs incurred.

 Goal-Based Orientation

Before proceeding with any job, we precisely define its goals and tasks, and then consistently implement them. Problems are not obstacles to us but they encourage us to look for new, effective solutions: we treat problems as challenges.

 Environment-Friendly Activities

We address the ecological crisis, which for years has been accompanying the development of technology and industry. Our services delivered with respect for natural environment, while our design activities are based on solid rudiments of environmental protection.

 Building Relationships with Tenants

Our team attends to our tenants with substantive and technical care. The client and its expectations are the most essential part of our job.

Commercial Management

Commercial Management

Residential Management

Residential Management

Technical Management

Technical Management

Lease Management


Representing Tenants

Representing Tenants




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